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Our true passion at True North Billing is working with the Physicians and their staff to optimize every situation and opportunity

"Our practice is situated in a rural town in the midst of oilfield activity.  As with all rural practices we render services to the local hospital that entails emergency visits, outpatient visits as well as caring for the inpatients.  Due to the oilfield activity and the nearby highway we have a significant number of accidents, WCB incidents and non-resident visits.
All the physicians that work locally experienced difficulty in managing the billing from such various sources.  This is further complicated in that approximately 30% of our patients are not from Fox Creek or are out of province.
We approached True North Billing and practically immediately experienced a significant improvement in ease of billing as well as actual income.
By removing the billing responsibility from our staff, we also relieved a significant amount of pressure amongst our staff who now have more time available for all the demands of a very busy clinic.
I can sincerely recommend True North Billing as a reliable and efficient service."
Dr BG Olivier - Fox Creek Medical Clinic

"Dione at True North Billing is absolutely fantastic! She provides a fast, effective service, and quick feedback, should there be any problem with any of the billings! I have used True North Billing from the first day in practice - and I could not be happier. I would recommend Dione to any of my friends without any hesitation!"

Dr. Joannie Jacobs - Valleyview Medical Clinic

"Dione at True North Billing provides fast, accurate service providing tremendous value and a terrific return on your investment in billing services. Office staff training and guidance in optimizing billing routines boils down to one thing - an improved bottom line!!"

Dr. Phillip Blom - Grimshaw Medical Clinic
"Dione at True North Billing has done my billings for over 3 years now.  I couldn't be happier.  She has never stopped educating me on what she needs from me or my staff.  True North takes care of my billings so that I can take care of my patients.  Thank you Dione!"

Dr. Laresa Marx - Grimshaw Medical Clinic
"Having my billings in the experienced hands of True North Billing means absolute peace of mind. 

The service is thorough, professional, timely and I know I get what I work for.  It's worth leaving your billings to an expert. "

Dr. Karin Corrigan - Foxcreek Medical Clinic